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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here you’ll find today’s entries from James Allen’s book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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The Divine Order cannot be perceived until passion and self are transcended.

November Twentieth.

THE man who thinks, " I have been slighted, I have been injured, I have been insulted, I have been treated unjustly," cannot know what justice is ; blinded by self, he cannot perceive the pure Principles of Truth, and, brooding upon his wrongs, he lives in continual misery.

In the region of passion there is a ceaseless conflict of forces causing suffering to all who are involved in them. There is action and reaction, deed and consequence, cause and effect ; and within and above all is the divine Justice regulating the play of forces with the utmost mathematical accuracy, balancing cause and effect with the finest precision.

Justice is not perceivedcannot be perceivedby those who are engaged in conflict.

Twentieth Morning

Sympathy given can never be waste.

One aspect of sympathy is that of
Pity-pity for the distressed or pain-
stricken, with a desire to alleviate
or help them in their sufferings.
The world needs more of this
divine quality.

“For pity makes the world
Soft to the weak, and noble
for the strong.

Another form of sympathy is that
of rejoicing with others who are more
successful than ourselves, and though
their success were our own.

Twentieth Evening

Sweet are companionships, pleasures, and
material comforts, but they change and
fade away. Sweeter still are Purity, Wisdom,
and the knowledge of Truth, and these
never change nor fade away.

He who attained to the possession of
spiritual things can never be deprived of
his source of happiness; he will never have
to part company with it, and wherever he
goes in the whole universe, he will carry
his possessions with him. His spiritual
end will be the fulness of joy.

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