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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here youíll find todayís entries from James Allenís book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Great is the conquest which thou hast entered upon, even the mighty conquest of thyself ; be faithful and thou shalt overcome.

April Twenty-fourth.

DISCIPLE : Lead me, O Master! for my darkness is very great! Will the darkness lift, O Master? Will trial end in victory, and will there be an end to my many sorrows ?

Master : When thy heart is pure the darkness will disappear. When thy mind is freed from passion, thou wilt reach the end of trial, and when the thought of self-preservation is yielded up, there will be no more cause for sorrow. Thou art now upon the way of discipline and purification ; all my disciples must walk that way. Before thou canst enter the white light of knowledge, before thou canst behold the full glory of Truth, all thy impurities must be purged away, thy delusions all dispelled, and thy mind fortified with endurance. Relax not thy faith in Truth ; forget not that Truth is eternally supreme ; remember that I, the Lord of Truth, am watching over thee.

Be faithful, and endure, and I will teach thee all things.

Twenty-Fourth Morning

Not by learning will a man triumph over
evil; not by much study will he overcome
sin and sorrow. Only by conquering
himself will he conquer evil; only by
practising righteousness will he put an
end to sorrow.

Not for the clever, nor the learned, nor
the self-confident is the Life Triumphant,
but for the pure, the virtuous and wise.
The former achieve their particular success
in life, but the latter alone achieve the
great success so invincible and complete
that even in apparent defeat it shines with
added victory.

Twenty-Fourth Evening

The true silence is not merely a silent
tongue; it is a silent mind. To merely hold
oneís tongue, and yet to carry about a
disturbed and rankling mind, is no remedy
for weakness, and no source of power.

Silentness, to be powerful, must
envelop the whole mind, must permeate
every chamber of the heart; it must be
the silence of peace.

To this broad, deep, abiding silentness
a man attains only in the measure that
he conquers himself.

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