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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here youíll find todayís entries from James Allenís book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Having no knowledge of cause and effect in the moral sphere, men do not sec the exacting process which is momentarily proceeding.

November Twenty-first.

MEN blindly inflict suffering upon themselves, living in passion and resentment, and not finding the true way of life. Hatred is met with hatred, passion with passion, strife with strife. The man who kills is himself killed ; the thief who lives by depriving others, is himself deprived; the beast that preys on others is hunted and killed ; the accuser is accused, the condemner is condemned, the denouncer is persecuted. " By this the slayerís knife doth stab himself, The unjust judge has lost his own defender, The false tongue dooms its lie, the creeping

thief And spoiler rob to render.

" Such is the Law."

Ignorance keeps alive hatred and strife.

Twenty-First Morning

Let your heart grow and expand with ever-
broadening love, until, freed from all
hatred, and passion, and condemnation,
it embraces the whole universe with
thoughtful tenderness.

As the flower opens its petals to receive
the morning light, so open your soul more
and more to the glorious light of Truth.

Soar upward on the wings of aspiration;
be fearless and believe in the loftiest

Twenty-First Evening

Mind clothes itself in garments of its own
Mind is the arbiter of life; it is the
creator and shaper of conditions, and the
recipient of its own results. It contains
within itself both the power to create
illusion and to perceive reality.

Mind is the infallible weaver of destiny;
thought is the thread, good and evil deeds
are the warp and woof, and the web,
woven upon the loom of life, is character.
Make pure thy heart, and thou wilt make
thy life
Rich, sweet, and beautiful, unmarred by

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