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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here you’ll find today’s entries from James Allen’s book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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When a man aspires to know and realise the Truth, he gives attention to conduct, to self-purification.

October Eleventh.

BY concentration a man can scale the highest heights of genius, but he cannot scale the heavenly heights of Truth ; to accomplish this he must meditate. By concentration a man may acquire the wonderful comprehension and vast power of a Caesar ; by meditation he may reach the divine wisdom and perfect peace of a Buddha. The perfection of concentration is power ; the perfection of meditation is wisdom. By concentration men acquire skill in the doing of the things of life—in science, art, trade, etc.—but by meditation they acquire skill in life itself ; in right living, enlightenment, wisdom, etc. Saints, sages, saviours—wise men and divine teachers— are the finished products of holy meditation.

Love Truth so fully and intensely as to become wholly absorbed in it.

Eleventh Morning

Be as a flower; content to be, to grow
in sweetness day by day.

If thou would’st perfect thyself in
knowledge, perfect thyself in Love.
If thou would’st reach the Highest,
ceaselessly cultivate a loving and
compassionate heart.

To him who chooses Goodness,
sacrificing all, is given that which
is more than, and includes, all.

Eleventh Evening

The Great Law never cheats any man of
his just due.

Human life, when rightly lived,
is simple with a beautiful simplicity.

He who comprehends the utter
simplicity of life, who obeys its laws,
and does not step aside into the dark
paths and complex mazes of selfish desire,
stands where no harm can reach him.

Then there is fullness of joy,
abounding plenty, and rich and
complete blessedness.

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