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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here youíll find todayís entries from James Allenís book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Come out of the storms of sin and anguish.

August Twelfth.

O THOU who wouldst teach men of

Truth! Hast thou passed through the desert of doubt ? Art thou purged by the fires of sorrow ?

hath truth The fiends of opinion cast out. Of thy human heart ? Is thy soul so fair That no false thought can ever harbour there ?

O thou who Wouldst teach men of Love !

Hast thou passed through the place of despair ? Hast thou wept through the dark night of grief ? does it move

(Now freed from its sorrow and care) Thy human heart to pitying gentleness, Looking on wrong, and hate, and ceaseless stress ?

O thou who Wouldst teach men of Peace !

Hast thou crossed the wide ocean of strife ? Hast thou found on the Shores of the Silence release

From all the wild unrest of life ? From thy human heart hath all striving gone, Leaving but Truth, and Love, and Peace alone ?

Enter the inward resting-place.

Twelfth Morning

Every man reaps the results of his own
thoughts and deeds, and suffers for his
own wrong.

He who begins right, and continues
right, does not need to desire, and search
for felicitous results; they are already at
hand; they follow as consequences; they
are the certainties, the realities, of life.

Sweet is the rest and deep is the bliss
of him who has freed his heart from its
lusts and hatreds and dark desires.

Twelfth Evening

You are the creator of your own shadows;
you desire, and then you grieve; renounce,
and then you shall rejoice.

Of all the beautiful truths pertaining
to the soul, . . . none is more gladdening
or fruitful of divine promise and confidence
than this-that man is the master of
thought, the moulder of character, and
the maker and shaper of character,
environment, and destiny.

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