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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here youíll find todayís entries from James Allenís book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Energy to be productive must not only be directed towards good ends, it must be carefully controlled and conserved.

July Twelfth.

THE advice of one of the Great Teachers to his disciples, " Keep wide awake," tersely expresses the necessity for tireless energy if oneís purpose is to be accomplished, and is equally good advice to the salesman as to the saint. " Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," and liberty is the reaching of oneís fixed ends. It was the same Teacher who said : "If anything is to be done, let a man do it at once ; let him attack it vigorously ! " The wisdom of this advice is seen when it is remembered that action is creative, that increase and development follow upon legitimate use. To get more energy we must use to the full that which we already possess. Only to him that puts his hand vigorously to some task do power and freedom come.

Noise and hurry are so much energy running to waste.

Twelfth Morning

Every man reaps the results of his own
thoughts and deeds, and suffers for his
own wrong.

He who begins right, and continues
right, does not need to desire, and search
for felicitous results; they are already at
hand; they follow as consequences; they
are the certainties, the realities, of life.

Sweet is the rest and deep is the bliss
of him who has freed his heart from its
lusts and hatreds and dark desires.

Twelfth Evening

You are the creator of your own shadows;
you desire, and then you grieve; renounce,
and then you shall rejoice.

Of all the beautiful truths pertaining
to the soul, . . . none is more gladdening
or fruitful of divine promise and confidence
than this-that man is the master of
thought, the moulder of character, and
the maker and shaper of character,
environment, and destiny.

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