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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here you’ll find today’s entries from James Allen’s book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Dislike, resentment, and condemnation are all forms of hatred, and evil cannot cease until these are taken out of the heart.

December Seventh.

THE obliterating of injuries from the mind is merely one of the beginnings in wisdom. There is a still higher and better way. And that way is to purify the heart and enlighten the mind that, far from having to forget injuries, there will be none to remember. For it is only pride and self that can be injured and wounded by the actions and attitudes of others ; and he who takes pride and self out of his heart can never think the thought, " I have been injured by another," or, " I have been wronged by another."

From a purified heart proceeds the right comprehension of things ; and from the right comprehension of things proceeds the life that is peaceful, freed from bitterness and suffering, calm and wise.

He who is troubled and disturbed about the sins of others is far from the Truth.

Seventh Morning

The will to evil and the will to good
Are both within thee, which wilt
thou employ?
Thou knowest what is right and what is
Which wilt though love and foster?
which destroy?

Thou art the chooser of thy thoughts and
Thou art the maker of thine inward state;
The power is thine to be what thou wilt be;
Thou buildest Truth and Love, or lies and

Seventh Evening

The teaching of Jesus brings men back
to the simple truth that righteousness,
or right-doing, is entirely a matter of
individual conduct, and not a mystical
something apart from a man’s thoughts
and deeds.

Calmness and patience can become
habitual by first grasping, through effort,
a calm and patient thought, and then
continuously thinking it, and living in it,
until “use becomes second nature,” and
anger and impatience pass away for ever.

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