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If a man would do a noble thing, and does not do it he is not exalted thereby, but debased.

March Twenty-ninth.

THE term Goodness does not mean sickly

sentiment, but inward virtue, the

direct result of which is strength and

power ; therefore, the good man is not

weak, the weak man is not good.

We should not judge the souls of others in the spirit of condemnation ; but we can judge of our own life and conduct by results. There is nothing more certain than this, the evil doer speedily proves that his evil produces misery ; the good man demonstrates that his goodness results in happiness.

It is a fact that one may " flourish like a green bay tree " and yet be unrighteous, but we should also remember that the bay tree at last perishes, or is cut down, and such is the fate of the unrighteous.

An exalted being apart from an exalted life is inconceivable and cannot be.

Twenty-Ninth Morning

If you would realize true prosperity,
do not settle down, as many have done,
into the belief that if you do right
everything will go wrong. Do not allow
the word “Competition” to shake your
faith in the supremacy of righteousness.
I care not what men say about the “laws
of competition,” for do not I know the
Unchangeable Law which shall one day
put them all to rout, and which puts them
to rout even now in the heart and life of
the righteous man? And knowing this
law I can contemplate all dishonesty
with undisturbed repose, for I know
where certain destruction awaits it.

Under all circumstances do that which
you believe to be right, and trust the Law;
trust the Divine Power which is immanent
in the universe, and it will never desert
you, and you will always be protected.

Twenty-Ninth Evening

Forget yourself entirely in the sorrows of
others, and in ministering to others, and
divine happiness will emancipate you from
all sorrow and suffering. “Taking the first
step with a good thought, the second with
a good word, and the third with a good
deed, I entered Paradise.” And you also
enter Paradise by pursuing the same course.

Lose yourself in the welfare of others;
forget yourself in all that you do-this
is the secret of abounding happiness.
Ever be on the watch to guard against
selfishness and learn faithfully the divine
lessons of inward sacrifice; so shall you
climb the highest heights of happiness,
and shall remain in the never-clouded
sunshine of universal joy, clothed in the
shining garment of immortality.

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