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This page offers you a daily dose of James Allen. Here youíll find todayís entries from James Allenís book of meditations for every day in the year and Morning and evening thoughts:

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Train your mind to grasp the Great Law of Causation which is unfailing justice.

May Thirtieth.

THEN you will see, not with fleshly eyes, but with the pure and single eye of Truth. You will then understand your nature perceiving how, as a mental being, you have evolved through countless ages of experience, how you have risen, through an unbroken line of lives, from low to high, and from high to higher still—how the ever-changing tendencies of the mind have been built up by thought and action—how your deeds have made you what you are. Thus, understanding your own nature, you will understand the nature of all beings, and will dwell always in compassion. You will understand the Great Law, not only universally and in the abstract, but also in its particular application to individuals. Then self will be ended. It will be dispersed like a cloud, and Truth will be all in all.

Find no room for hatred, no room for self, no room for sorrow.

Thirtieth Morning

When the farmer has tilled and dressed
his land and put in the seed, he knows
that he has done all that he can possibly
do, and that now he must trust to the
elements, and wait patiently for the
course of time to bring about the harvest,
and that no amount of expectancy
on his part will affect the result.

Even so, he who has realized Truth,
goes forth as a sower of the seeds of
goodness, purity, love, and peace, without
expectancy and never looking for results,
knowing that there is the Great Over-
ruling Law which brings about its own
harvest in due time, and which is alike the
source of preservation and destruction.

Thirtieth Evening

The virtuous put a check upon themselves,
and set a watch upon their passions and
emotions; in this way they gain possession
of the mind, and gradually acquire calmness;
and as they acquire influence, power,
greatness, abiding joy, and fullness and
completeness of life.

He only finds peace who conquers
himself, who strives, day by day, after
greater self-possession, greater self-control,
greater calmness of mind.

Where the calm mind is there is
strength and rest, there is love and
wisdom; there is one who has fought
successfully innumerable battles against
self, who, after long toil in secret against
his own failings, has triumphed at last.

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